Land Use & Regulatory Compliance

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Land Use & Regulatory Compliance

The firm offers perspective honed by experience as a municipal lawyer responsible for regulatory compliance and planning advice.

Land Use & Public Law

Mr. Kracov represents clients in administrative and judicial arenas on land use and public/municipal law issues including easements, zoning modifications, code enforcement and nuisance law, conditional use permits, tract maps, building and safety permits and appeals.  He participates in complex land use negotiations and regularly appears before permitting agencies.  He has demonstrated success litigating writ of mandate land use cases as a government attorney and for private clients. 

Regulatory Compliance & Permitting

Mr. Kracov provides regulatory compliance counsel for businesses, non-profits and government in the areas of:

• Environmental Regulations
• Solid Waste and Recycling Regulations
• Building and Planning Regulations
• Government Contracting 
• Renewable Energy and Resources
• Transportation

The firm guides clients to achieve compliance with federal, State and local laws and regulations including contracting, permitting, internal compliance and regulatory outreach.  Mr. Kracov has significant experience resolving civil and administrative law violations and enforcement orders.